August 10th, 2005

(no subject)

I guess this is what you get.
For being so nice
For caring
For Loving
I guess it's just like everything else in my life
If I really want it
I'll taste it
And it'll slip through my fingers
But maybe I don't deserve it
I dunno
Fuck me
That's about all I can muster up
But I always end up getting fucked over
So what does it matter
Maybe I could just end everything
I wouldn't have to be hurt
There will never be another
I'll always want her back
But I'll never get it
She'll find that sailor
And he'll take her away
And I'll be off
Wasting my life away
Because I have no ambiton
And no one to tell me about
How good I am
At everything
Or anyone to return the favor to
But I guess I'm not good enough
"You've lost that loving feeling"
As they say in Top Gun
I know...
"It's not you, it's me"
I get it
You're a part of me
Everyone should just go away
I think I'll go find that razor or something
Anything to calm me down
Cuz this pain is more unbearable
Than the deepest cut
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    Godsmack "Keep Away"