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Ya know what?

Fuck off. If anyone doesn't like me for who I am they can kiss it. I know that no one who does think of me like that will read this, but hell, I just need to rant. People just piss me off. I know a lot of people don't actually know me that well and they judge me. To them, I say go to hell. You won't even get to know me but stereotype me. I'm sorry if I don't fucking abide to your every request. Someone will know what I'm talkin about here. Oh my fucking god it pisses me off. I'm not gonna change for anybody. I'm sorry, I'm shy, get over it. Ugh. Sorry, I just go so damn mad today. Don't take it the wrong way, you. I'm mad at the guy who is a jerk-off. He needs to have his ego kicked out of him. I hope he gets beat up or something. Yeah, that's it. /\m/\
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